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Een historische resolutie!

“This resolution can make a difference as Member States will be called on to include rehabilitation care in their health policies. In Senegal we need trained rehabilitation staff in primary health services.”

– Gueye Ndeye Dague, board member of Handicap International and of the Senegalese Federation of Associations for Persons with Disabilities.-

It worked!

We are very happy and proud to bring you this happy news: the World Health Organization (WHO) approved a resolution this weekend that should raise the  quality of rehabilitation care  worldwide to a higher level. In addition, rehabilitation care and aids such as wheelchairs and crutches must also become  accessible and affordable  for everyone.

Handicap International has long advocated for more resources and support for the rehabilitation sector. Thanks to the work of Valentina and her policy team, they are finally coming. Our colleagues played a pioneering role in the process for 4 years. Valentina explains why this resolution is desperately needed and how it  will change the lives of millions of people .

Currently, more than  50% of people who need rehabilitation care (such as physiotherapy) do not have access to it . This must change. And this resolution will change that.